The Journey of Growth

Everything was ready.  Another therapist would be seeing my clients.  My surgeon was confident.  I was excited that I would be walking within two to four weeks without limping or pain in the knee.  On May 25, 2012 my life changed.  Rather than a simple meniscus repair my “hoffa pad” had to be trimmed down due to impingement.  I was one of the few who had nerve disruption and an increase in swelling due to my body’s reaction to the anti-inflammatory.  I had lost control of my days and life.  This has been a long year of physical therapy, acupressure, stretching and icing.  Sometimes I managed this ordeal with grace.  Other times I slipped into discouragement.  But quitting was not an option.

As I struggled with my knee journey I was a participant in helping my clients struggle in their personal growth journey as well.

Just as I thought I was going in for a simple repair, some people come in to the therapy office confident if they could just get this one thing in their life straightened out life would be perfect.  Many times that one little thing is symptomatic of a deeper issue.  Together we team up to clean out or discard negative patterns or abusive self talk.

Homework is given to exercise and strengthen the changes that are occurring inside.  Progress is measured and recorded.  Sometimes the changes are celebrated and sometimes it may feel as if no progress is being made.  Remember just coming takes courage.

Then suddenly there is a breakthrough and what felt like pain with every step is no longer.  You may discover that you begin to see your life differently.  For everyone who is currently in the process of growth, don’t give up!  Keep moving forward with hope in your heart and a life of possibilities dancing in your head!

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