You are beautiful


You are beautiful

Let’s get real for a moment.  I panicked, oh yes I did.

I was getting ready for work and decided to check my face using the mirror that magnifies 10 times.  I was specifically trying to see if I had unwanted hair growing on my upper lip *wink*.  To my utter amazement I saw brown spots and spider veins…on my face!
This is where I began to panic and my stream of thought went something like  this.   “What if one of my kids gets married and I look Old?  Wait what?  Remember when you were 40 years old and you saw your mom’s legs peeking out from under my dress?  Oh yeah, and when I turned 50 my mom’s hands were attached to my wrists?”

Then I had a memory of how I sat beside my mom and gently stroke the back of her hands because the skin was so soft.  I savored the memory for a little while.

Peace slowly settled into my spirit as I looked again.  I have earned every spot and every spider vein as it is evidence that I played outdoors with my children.  I went hiking and backpacking with them as teens and young adults.  I smiled, remembering fun and happy times.

So mom, look again.  Do not notice every imperfection on your body or face, think of why you have them.  Ponchy belly? You gave birth to your child. Wrinkles around the eyes?  You were laughing and smiling at the beautiful things your child, teen, adult does.  A little overweight?  It was so wonderful to have a mom that cooks great meals to feed those hungry teens.

These imperfections are a map to remind you of beautiful, life changing moments.  I am here to remind all of us that we are beautiful!

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