The following is a list of contacts and phone numbers that might be helpful. Included are professionals that I know and respect, who also work well with children and teens.

Child Abuse Hotline: 800-422-4453

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE

National Rape Crisis Hotline: 800-813-5433

Alcoholics Anonymous: 909-825-4700

Narcotics Anonymous: 909-795-0464

Behavioral Medicine Center: 909-558-9275
Crisis intervention, inpatient child/adolescent program, inpatient eating disorders program

Loma Linda University MFT teaching clinic: 909-558-4934
Low fee clinic run by MFT interns

Child Psychiatrist: Dr. William Murdoch: 800-872-1212
I do not like to see children medicated, however, sometimes I will ask for a medication evaluation and Dr. Murdoch is considered one of the best.

Child Psychologist: Dr. Brian Chichester Psy.D.: 909-363-6263
Dr. Chichester does psychological testing for children and adolescents.