Do you wonder why you feel so confused?
Do you worry about what others think about you?
Do you feel you have to hide the real you?
Are you surprised at how intense you feel about everything?

Being you is tough these days.  You have pressure from the teachers to do all of that homework.  You have stress from your coaches to do your best in sports.  Your parents seem to put unrealistic expectations on you and you fear you can’t live up to them.  Your friends sometimes are not as loyal to you as you are to them.  It seems that everywhere you turn, there is drama and conflict.

I get it!  I know you are overwhelmed.  I understand you need some privacy.  I hear you when you say, “I have my own opinions and thoughts and my parents just don’t understand and they try and change them.

Inside every one of us is a need to be loved, accepted and understood.  Do you wish you had your parent’s approval?  Just knowing they totally accepted you would make your life so much easier.

If your parent encouraged you to see this page they may be wanting to figure out how to love the growing-up-you.  They may want to learn to understand the real you who has opinions and thoughts that are different from their own.  Maybe they are also tired of the “!@#$%!” and War Zone that is happening at home.  Just maybe they want to try to make things better one more time.

Maybe you found this site by yourself, and you want to get some help for your family.  Good for you!  Let’s talk.  You can either email or call me to schedule a time.
I believe everyone deserves to be happy.  Do You?